Monday, June 30, 2008

Pass it on

I found this on Bree's blog. It's like one of those emails you get from people asking you to fill it out and send it back to them and 5 other people. Kind of nicer to put on your blog and not bother those that don't want to join the fun!

10 years ago I was:

Living in Naperville, Illinois, newlywed and 6 months pregnant.

5 years ago I was:

Living in Cleveland, Ohio and staying at home to take care of Nada and Luka, neither of which were in school yet.

1 year ago I was:

Still in PT school

5 things on my to do list today:

1. exercise
2. pay for summer camp
3. order graduation announcements (yeahy!)
4. work
5. spend time with my kids and husband

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. babybel cheese
2. bananas
3. Quaker granola bars
4. almonds
5. Baked Ruffles (had to throw in a bad processed snack)

If I were a billionaire I would:

Buy my own plane so we could visit our family and friends whenever we wanted to (they'd never move), and so I could fly me and my friends to all the great races all over the world. Then I'd donate a bunch to all the little struggling Serbian churches and monasteries all over the world.

6 people I want to have lunch with tomorrow:

My mom and dad in Pennsylvania.
My sister in NYC.
My best friend in Ohio.
My cousin in San Fran.
My other cousin in Pittsburgh.

5 places I have lived:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wheaton, Illinois
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Cleveland, Ohio
Little Rock, Arkansas
(all within the past 10 years)

5 jobs I have had:

Shampoo girl
Shoes salesclerk
Software program manager
Executive Assistant to a corporate VP
PT tech

Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimming is beautiful

This is the sunrise this morning at Lake Beaverfork, and that is me way out there with David. I was trying my best to stick close by to him, for safety and for peace of mind. Even though I borrowed his "floaty" to tie around my ankle I still had a lot of hesitation and fear. I really had to fight off all those negative thoughts from creeping into my wacky head. I managed to do it for about 15 minutes and then it got the best of me.

I have to admit, for as much as I HATE to swim, I really think it is a beautiful sport to WATCH. Last weekend we were at Sam's club and as we were walking out my eye was caught by the 12 plasma screen TVs all stacked up 2 high, 6 across. Michael Phelps was on each one synchronously swimming. What a beautiful sight. It was an ad for the Olympics so in addition to seeing his beautiful body gliding through the water I was also reminded that 8.8.08 is soon approaching (love seeing that date flashed on TV repeatedly). That's my graduation, in case anyone has forgotten. And it's also Kellye's 30th birthday! Hopefully I won't spend too much time in front of the TV watching the Olympics and I'll be studying for my licensure exam like I'm supposed to. But I do look forward to all the swimming events and the under water footage. I'll have to Tivo it and watch it in slow-motion.

The 50 meter pool is open and the water has finally warmed up. It's nice not having to turn at that wall so often, but it sure does feel sloooow. I swear it takes me 10 minutes to get from one end to the other. The other evening when I was there alone I decided I would try the flip turn thing again. It's been several months and in the 50 meter pool turns are so infrequent I thought I might have better luck. I did 2 of them out of the probably 25 turns I did. It wasn't any better and still requires too much energy, energy that I need for swimming itself.

I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to Kansas the past couple of days, but after this morning's lake swim I'm relieved. I still need time to heal and build my confidence. Hopefully it will come.

Good luck to all my friends (Jo, Lisa, Susan, Doug, Adiel, Kevin, Chris, Ken, and Robyn) racing in Kansas this weekend! I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from here.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

And the verdict is...

I am not going to Kansas for the 1/2 Ironman.

After a lot of contemplation and anxiety I have decided that the time isn't right. I need to ease back into this and a high caliber NA IM event is too much. I also didn't like the idea of driving 7 hours to spend 2 nights away from my family. Milan and the kids would have come along if I asked (hard enough), but I felt that would put even more pressure on me. If the event were a couple of hours from here and I could go up that morning I'd be more likely to give it a shot. But since I have so much uncertainty and so many doubts right now, I think not going is the right thing for me to do.

I'm going to do some sprint distance races locally to get back into the right frame of mind.

I'm going to train as if I'm going to IM Louisville. The only way I'm actually going to go is if I spend a lot of time in the lakes here. Even if they're calm, it's not a pool and it will get me used to the darkness and being in the water for long without a wall.

Yesterday was David's last race rehearsal ride before IM CDA. There were a group of us that joined David as he started the ride at 6am. His plan was to go, go, go, no stops and average 20-21 mph, no drafting, and he meant it. When we took off from the "sub" we were like those horses coming out of the gates at Belmont yesterday. I was pretty happy that I managed to stay on David's wheel for most of the ride. It wasn't until we hit a cross wind and a semi-truck went by and almost knocked me off my bike that I lost him. And once he was lost heck if I was ever going to catch back up. Fortunately, Mark came along and caught us up.

I am feeling the humidity and realizing I have to adjust my fluids and nutrition. About 6 miles from finishing our ride yesterday I started to fade...BAD. At that exact moment I flatted. What a relief! While Mark (mostly) and I changed the flat I had a chance to catch my breath. I also had a vanilla Accelgel as soon as I got back on my bike. You know you're hungry when a gel seems like the best thing you've ever tasted. I felt much better after that and was able to finish the ride drafting off Mark at 20 mph. My 51 mile ride ended up averaging 21.5 mph (no hills, almost all aero). I never saw David again, but Jo was there waiting to ride the second loop with him when I got to my van to run. What a great friend!

This mornings run was miserable. Miserable and surprising. I really felt like I was trudging along at a 12:00 minute pace. It seemed like my heart rate was zone 4 for most of it. I don't know how I managed to run a sub 8:30 pace in zone 2. It felt like crap! I guess 12 years of running has made my body so efficient at it that it just knows what to do. I was wondering if this is what good swimmers feel like? Do they not have to think about where is my hand entry? did my hand drift? am I dropping my elbow? am I pulling hard enough? did I finish out the stroke enough? Running doesn't require nearly as much thought. Maybe that's why I like it so much. Hopefully the more time my butt spends on that bike seat, the more my legs will figure out what they're supposed to do in that sport too. Maybe that power/weight ratio will get to that perfect distribution, whatever that is.

After yesterday's ride I went to Barbara Graves to get a swimsuit. Amazing how one minute you feel so good about yourself and your health and then you go do something stupid like try on swimsuits. And I swear I tried on a 100 of them before I found the one that fit just right, and made my butt look the smallest. Once I finally found one I had to swallow what this little thing cost. I can't believe I spent that much money on a swimsuit for sitting around the kiddie pool. I can't even do laps in it! I had the thought of posting a picture of it on my blog site, without me in it of course, just so I could get my money's worth of publicity. Then I thought maybe I should wear it out on my next 56 mile ride? It's not that much different than a Splish suit, it's just a 2 piece instead. Surely my crotch couldn't hurt worse than it already does in tri or bike shorts? And I bet that's one ride the guys wouldn't let me get dropped! Those were just entertaining thoughts I had while I suffered in the heat and humidity this morning. I was getting a little delirious, obviously.

Congrats to Jen for finishing 9th F35-39 at the Age Group World Championships yesterday in chilly Vancouver! I've been thinking about Mel all day, hoping her redemption 1/2 IM went well!