Monday, July 21, 2008


Thank God it's Monday. Now I can go to work and rest! Being on my feet all day walking around the hospital and rehabilitating patients isn't nearly as tiring as my training weekends. And it's nice and cool, there's not a 100+ heat index inside the hospital!

It was actually a pretty good weekend. My long brick Saturday was super tough and reminded me of the mental strength needed for that IM marathon.

I also got to bike with a group yesterday at the lake with new people I haven't rode with before. Nice to finally meet the Irons! I also got to ride with Ernie and learn a whole lot of cool stuff about him.

I did swim in the lake too. Not that long, but I did it and I didn't freak out one bit. Of course, Lake DeGray always seems to be extremely calm. All 3 years that I've done the 1/2 Ironman the swim has been something I actually didn't dread.

I woke up Saturday morning to find an email from one of my classmates letting us know (since our instructors didn't) that our case reports are due next Monday, not the following like I thought. Great! I guess I really have to buckle down and finally write that thing.

And somewhere in the middle of all this I'm trying to find the energy to be a patient, attentive mom and wife. I don't know how well I'm succeeding at that, but no one is complaining...yet. Speaking of which, I really need to limit my blog time and go write my case and be with the family.

Congratulations to Laura for finishing Ironman Lake Placid!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ms. Vick's 100 mile ride

It was a really hot and humid weekend here in Little Rock. Perfect for a 100 mile bike ride (and brick) on Saturday. The ride was pretty good. Flat, but windy and few unleashed dogs (don't worry Karmon, I had my radar on!). It was sort of boring since I rode mostly alone, no drafting, something I don't usually do these days, but did all the time training for IM WI. But a couple of eventful things happened during the ride and after.

First, my rear mount bottle holder completely cracked off 36 miles into the ride leaving me wondering what to do with the 2 bottles that were in it. Since it was so hot, I sweat buckets, and only 2 convenient stores on the course, ditching the bottles was not an option. So I stuck one down the front of my tank, which held very nicely, and I stuck the other down the back of my shorts. That one stayed put pretty well too, but the 2 triangular areas of sunburn on each side of the bottle it left me with have not been fun to deal with.

Second, my Oakley sunglasses cracked in half at the convenient store stop at mile 75. I think the lady was about to give me a pair of cheap ones, but I managed to get them to stay together to finish the ride. That was actually not such a bad thing because it gave me the perfect excuse to get a new pair of Rudy Project Sportsmask glasses. They're really sweet!

But the best thing about leaving your husband at home with the kids all morning while you go out and spend hours on your bike, is coming home and finding cooked, still warm, FOOD on the stove! There was a delicious smell that hit me the second I opened the door. Milan has been into baking spanakopita for a while now. It's a Greek dish made with filo dough layered with a feta cheese and spinach mixture. He varied the recipe this tiime and used bread dough instead of filo, which I was a little skeptical about for maybe a tenth of a second, but then I dug in. It was the best thing I'd ever tasted! OK, so I was a little hungry? Maybe it wasn't the most appropriate post-training nutrition, but it sure did taste good. Oh yeah, and Milan had the kids at the pool when I got home so I got to enjoy my ice bath in peace and quiet! I hope all my long rides are this great!

As much as I would have liked to have slept in on Sunday, I forced myself to get up early for my long run before the pavement got scorching hot. I had severe burning feet on the run after my brick Saturday. It was a really good thing I got out at the crack of dawn because it started pouring down rain an hour into my run! I know I would have struggled getting out in the rain, but since I was already out there I welcomed it! I'll take sloshing wet feet over burning ones any day!

My wonderful coach gave me some time to rest this week and I'm feeling pretty fantastic now. I forgot how nice it is to sleep in, if you call 6am sleeping in. I was NOT happy getting up this morning AGAIN at the usual 4:30am. I found myself feeling bitter and jealous of those that don't have to get up so early to train because they don't have to get to work or they have a really flexible work schedule. But that envy passed once I got out into the pool and the sun started coming up. I love being outside when the day begins. It's also a great feeling getting home at 6:45 knowing most of my training is done for the day and I can focus on the other 100 things going on in my life.

By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it on my blog, I am officially training for Ironman Louisville and planning on starting the event on August 31. Yes, I will immerse myself into that stinky Ohio River with all of it's current and I will give it my best shot. If I fail, at least I can say I tried...and there's no shame in that.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Tooth fairy is working O.T.

My baby lost his first tooth last night. I was asleep when it happened (yes, I fell asleep at 7pm), but he woke me up briefly to show me the whole in his mouth. Fortunately, tooth fairy (dad) took care of business despite my coma state (not due to drinking unfortunately, but mega training miles in Arkansas heat & humidity). And today when I picked him up from summer camp the next tooth was about to fall out too! The tooth has been extracted by dad because mom can't handle seeing her kids (or herself) bleed. Tooth fairy (dad) will be visiting the Lelovic house again tonight to make sure the second tooth is rewarded!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

What's been going on

I have 4 weeks left of my clinical rotation at the VA doing acute care. So far it has been great! My CI is wonderful, could not be better, just SO SO SO nice! There is even a really good possibility that I'll have a full-time job there once I graduate and pass the licensure exam. It is a really super place to work. The people are great, the veterans are really nice (as nice as can be when you're hurting, and us PT's are making them hurt more), and the salary and benefits are superb! It's been such a great experience, and I didn't even think I'd like the acute care setting much. Just goes to show that the people you work with make all the difference in the world, hence why my last rotation sucked SO bad! If the position at the VA is approved and I'm hired I'd be treating both inpatients and out. It'd be perfect!

The kids are doing well, although Nada complains about having to go to summer camp almost everyday. She'd rather stay home, sleep in, watch TV, and play her Nintendo DS. I just took her to get a manicure. I was going to get a pedicure and she was coming along to just watch, but once we got there I got soft and decided what the heck, she's only 10 (almost), she deserves a cheap manicure. Needless to say it made her day.

Luka is counting the days until August 15th, the day the new Star Wars Clone movie comes out. He is about the cutest darn thing around. Yesterday he came over to me on the couch, hugged me, and said, "Mom, all I need from you is your love." I looked at him and asked him where he heard that. He says he didn't, he just said it, which just made me melt. He is also addicted to the Camp Rock movie and sings every song word for word. Also about the cutest darn thing around.

Milan is still running regularly and says he is going to do the Memphis 1/2 marathon in December. His running partner from work just PR'd today at a 1/2 in St. Louis and plans to do the full Memphis marathon. If I can get a sitter in Memphis I might join them! Damie? Robyn? Know any teenagers or college friends that want to make a few dollars early on a Saturday morning?

I made a return visit to Lake Beaverfork yesterday morning. The tri group rode to the lake (I drove) and then swam. I brought along all my "swim aids", you know, my Spiderman arm floaties (just kidding!). I did bring and wear my SwimSafe belt and I deployed it after I finished the swim to see if it really worked and how. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous pulling the "trigger". I wondered if it was going to blow me out of the water. It actually wasn't bad at all. Not to be disgusting, but it sounded like I let out a big fart when it blew up. It really does work and would definitely work as a floatation device if needed. Folding it back up and attaching the new CO2 cartridge wasn't too hard either. So at least now I know if I'm ever out there in the darkness totally disoriented I have a source of relief. Oh, and I did actually swim for about 40 minutes. It took me a little while to get it together, but I kept trying and after a while I put my big girl pants on and had little to no fear. I decided I need to keep going out there and swimming for a long time, to the point where I'm tired so that I can practice survival with spaghetti arms. Maybe one day I'll luck out and get some chop too!