Monday, July 13, 2009

5K Races

I haven't posted since May when I ran the Paws on the Pavement 5K. Since then I've ran several other 5K's and it seems my times just keep getting slower. I don't think my northern blood is every going to get used to the miserable heat and humidity here in Arkansas. And I don't think I'm ever going to "love" the 5K distance.

The Brickfest 5K in Malvern on June 27 was 90 degrees at the start at 8am. Miserable! It was the slowest 5K finish time I've had in a long time. Somehow I still managed to get second in my AG which gives me some GP points.

The Firecracker 5K was a disappointment. My finish time was 45 seconds slower than 2 years ago. I thought I was supposed to get faster as I lost weight? Again, I somehow managed a second place finish in my age group of 74 women and 21/448 total women. Maybe if I paced myself better and didn't bolt for that fist mile I might have a little more left in me for the last 0.5 miles.

Still no triathlons for me this year. Honestly can say I don't even have an itch to do one. I've been on my bike some, haven't swam laps in a few weeks, but I'm doing a lot more running. As much as I hate 5K's I know the hard, all out effort is good for me. God knows I have the endurance, now if I could just get some more speed before it's too late (not getting any younger).

We're heading to Pennsylvania this weekend! Should be a great visit since my sister and BIL, and cousin from San Fran and her family will all be in town and we're having a "reunion" in Pittsburgh at my other cousins house. Even if it's hot up there it won't compare to the 105 heat index warnings we've had here the past few days.

Nada is going to spend 5 days at church camp with her cousins while we're in PA. I think it will be a memorable experience for her, and hopefully a good one. Luka is looking forward to hanging out with his favorite cousin from SanFran, Max. Since we're flying up Molly isn't making the trip and won't get to meet Ellie, my parents pug. And me, I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends, shopping at the tax-free Grove City outlets (Nike and Coach!), running at Buhl Park then getting coffee at Panera, and hopefully eating at Mad Mex! Like I said on my Facebook status, who needs a beach vacation when you have the beautiful city of Pittsburgh with it's 3 rivers?